As a creative, bringing Corbis Images’ vast collection of historical, editorial and creative imagery to its customers was like being a kid in a candy store. Founded in 1989 by Bill Gates, the company’s vision was to digitally house the world’s great historical images. The company’s vast holdings included images from a number of highly regarded collections and renowned photographers. Over the years, Corbis added premium lines of stock imagery to it’s collection and needed to tell its story.

Brand Reel outlining Corbis’ product offering.


Signature_1Signature_6 Signature_5 Signature_4 Signature_3 Signature_2

Print promotion for Corbis Images; an unbound signature of some of their most outstanding photography and illustration.


Corbis – Jonathan Wood Design

Smart Happens campaign landing page outlining imagery to illustrate mass intelligence in lifestyles, science, education, technology, work and leisure.